One Year of Studio Life

One Year of Studio Life

Time flies when you're having fun, painting all day and building a brand!

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I moved into my first art studio and almost 2 years since launching my website. My space has evolved, expanded and much to my landlords destain, been covered in paint (sorry Graeme). My studio has given me a new sense of freedom, my own safe haven to get away from the world and just create. These four walls have seen happiness, tears and a lot of painted over canvases in frustration. This is the space I created my first abstract painting and wrote my 5,000 word uni dissertation until 9pm some nights last winter. 

Now one year on, I'm not only celebrating my studio but expanding my space to my first home which I plan on filling to the brim with local art including my own. I think reflection is so important to recognise how for you have come and I'm so grateful for the opportunities my passion is bringing me.

Who knows where I'll be this time next year, stay tuned.


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