The Overwhelm Rainbow

The Overwhelm Rainbow

Thinking back to my artwork 'Glass Half Full', the light and the dark coexist, but if you just focus on the dark, that is all you will see. The dark thoughts that we have can be consuming, a black hole of happiness and sanity. It seems that after one negative thought enters your mind, they seem to multiply rapidly, creating a warped and dark sense of your reality. 

Since my artwork is inspired by deep emotion, I thought I'd share one of my recent experiences with overwhelm. I often suffer from spiraling thoughts which result in deep feelings of overwhelm, which its hard to pull myself out of. In these situations I find that creating some order to these thoughts helps to calm the chaos in my mind, pushing through the emotion to find the rationale.

On Thursday, my mind was in deep chaos. If there were any negative thoughts about myself, my business or my art laying dormant in my mind, on thursday all these thoughts erupted in an unforgiving volcanic explosion. These thoughts sent me into the most negative mindset I've ever experienced, with no view of a way out of this mental space. I cried about a thousand tears and could not see the wood for the trees. No matter what people said, told me how amazing I was or how well I was doing, I was convinced it was all lies. This can be the most scary place to be mentally, but unfortunately we've all been there.

My whole day was lost to this mentality and it wasn't until the evening when I started to feel the storm clearing in my mind and feeling the first rays of sunlight. Noting all of these negative thoughts was actually a positive experience, my mind had highlighted all of my insecurities and fears, which then allowed me to think of some real ways to work through all these problems. I believe that I needed to feel that level of overwhelm to then catapult me into healing and growth. This was the light to the dark which I had been feeling. It was the overwhelm rainbow.

It's strange because everytime I have an episode of severe overwhelm, the next day something extraordinary happens, something which I thought could never happen. The universe works in mysterious ways and I believe that clearing all of the negative energy allows positive energy to flood in. On Friday, I started to finalise my biggest and most sentimental sale of an artwork yet, crazy. These occurrences act as reminders that I am on the right path and life is all about balance. The yin and the yang, is your glass half full or half empty?


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