The birth of DIRTY CASH

The birth of DIRTY CASH

Finally, I get to announce my new series 'Dirty Cash'. Heavily inspired by our current financial situation as a society with the adoption of cryptocurrencies, NFT's, crazy inflation and our generation working harder than any other to be able to buy a house. It all feels very relevant to me, especially as I delve deeper into the art world. My aim is to produce a thought provoking art series, questioning perspectives of money, as we are living through a time of major change.

I found myself asking question such as 'Does money equal power? What is the real cost of money? Money and value are linked, yet value is subjective, so why can’t we ask for what we want? What is the value of a life, of art or of joy?' All questions I have pondered as a young, female artist coming from a working class background from my own point of view. For example I have a piece in the collection dedicated to Basquiat, one of my artistic heroes who's piece 'Untitled' sold at auction for $110.5 million in 2017. I'm fascinated by the appreciation of value in the art world and Basquiat is a perfect example of how an artist can go from selling his first canvas for $200 to a household name and icon.

This series is a direct reflection of how I see our society changing with so much fear being sparked by the rise of Bitcoin and our social media culture where it seems that with money comes with a side of happiness which is not the case. I believe that money and happiness are separate entities and should not be confused or entwined. My Mam often tells me that the exchange of money is an exchange of energy which I also believe to be correct. I'd love to know other people's thoughts and perspectives on this sometimes taboo topic as I know everyone will be completely different.

Stay tuned to see the new artworks which I have created as part of this series.


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