The Pursuit of An Artist

The Pursuit of An Artist

I sometimes like to ponder on what others think the life of an artist feels like. Do they think it's an easy life of painting and hosting gallery shows? Do they think it's a hard life not worth fulfilling?

I know that I will never understand it from an outside perspective as being an artist is so deeply ingrained within my identity. No matter what people think being an artist like, there is the few of us which make it our reality. That reality is often made up of sporadic bursts of inspiration, doubting your work as you always strive for what's next and having to accept the fact you actually have to sell your artwork. There's this valley of disconnect between the longing to create art solely for yourself and then having to show it to others for their perspective on the project you've attached so deeply to your worth.

I'm slowly starting to realise that the more you show your inner-world and authentic self as an artist, you will get the most fulfillment. Art is about telling a story, about creating a world in reality that you thought could only exist in your head. Personally, I have so many interests that I find it hard to make a piece of art that reflects the true nature of my spirit... but I am confident that throughout my life of creation I will keep edging closer.


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