My mission as an artist is to create expressive art which people can resonate with and relate to. I'm fascinated by our emotions and how overpowering they can be at times, the good and the bad. Each artwork is a visual reflection of a feeling and has been made to show the intricacy of human emotions, no two being the same. Major themes of my artwork are love, desire, expression and perspective. It is important to me that each painting is thought provoking and I encourage people to share their perceptions of the art with me. It is very rare that two people will see an artwork in the same way, making your view of the art special and unique.

I ultimately want to inspire people to be creative and to express themselves without fear. It is important to me to make art feel relevant to a younger generation and to show that the boundaries of creativity are endless.

Faye's Journey

If you had asked me at age 15 what I wanted to do with my life, the answer would have always been 'become a tattoo artist'. However, I realised when I actually got my first tattoo and nearly cried, that I was never cut out for the tattoo artist life after all. Fast forward 7 years on from my 15 year old self, I now realise that I was half right, just needed to drop the tattoo part.

My journey as an artist really started when I was 18. I had just dropped out of university and felt like a failure. I stayed home most days and worked 3 hours a week in a shoe shop to keep me occupied, well, it kept me occupied for at least 3 hours a week anyway. I've never felt so lost in my life, I just wasn't sure of who I was or what I wanted to be. It was frustrating because throughout sixth form I'd worked so hard to get into uni on a fashion design course, then 2 months in decided I hated it. I had a lot of creativity inside me but lacked the confidence to act on it, terrified what people I knew would think of me. Growing up I was really into drawing and posted a lot to my instagram page, only to be teased which is soul crushing at a young age. At one point an insult was calling me Wednesday Addams, I couldn't understand how that could be an insult, she's iconic!

Throughout my teenage years, I'd been a hopeless romantic. I never actually had a boyfriend but I pined for a love that you see in the movies, little did I know that I'd find it lurking in my insta DM's. I met Loui when I had just turned 19 and had started to get my life back on track by starting a new uni course. Finally, I had met someone who wasn't scared to dream and wore creativity like a badge of honour - the song 'Last Night a DJ Saved My Life' comes to mind. This was really a turning point for me and was a catalyst to my own creative journey.

Four years later, I've just graduated university with First Class Honours and I'm learning so much about myself everyday. I want to share my journey as an artist figuring out this crazy world, the fears, the success, the failure and the breakthroughs. I want to be vulnerable in a world ruled by fear. 

My goal is to become the world's leading female abstract artist and to own Faye Greenman galleries worldwide. You heard it here first, watch this space!