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Faye Greenman

Intimate Depths 2022. Original Painting 90 x 120cm

Intimate Depths 2022. Original Painting 90 x 120cm

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This piece feels like stepping back in time to when I first started my abstract pieces, messy & organic straight from the heart. During my painting process as an artist, I’ve struggled to find the balance between making chaotic messy works and carefully considered paintings. I can feel my spirit thrive more in the messiness, too much rigidity and I feel myself getting frustrated when I make ‘mistakes’.

Me and Lou were talking the other day about creativity and how its boundaries can somehow harm a free flow, I took out my notes page and added a new quote that came into my head, to add to the hundreds of other random thoughts I have stored in there.

It reads “When the bounds of creativity become rigid, is when creativity dies.” And I plan to implement this philosophy into my works, allowing the artwork to tell me how it wants to be.


Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 120cm approximately, deep-edge canvas 4cm width. Ready to hang (Frame not included).


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