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Art that speaks to the heart and soul.

Each painting is designed to be thought provoking and open to interpretation, giving every viewer a unique experience.

NEW SERIES: Rose Tinted Glasses

The shared experience of seeking connection, through the lens of love. We all go through it. The romance, the longing, the heartbreak, the nostalgia and the everything I should have saids.

I've always romanticised life. I've always found beauty even in the darkness, a poetic edge to every sword. I have rose-tinted glasses on and I'm never taking them off.

This series is documentary-style, polaroid-inspired paintings which make up a greater story when put together. The concept is letting a memory transport you to a different place and time, the paintings will act as portals into the story.

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All individually designed with love and attention as replications of original paintings, these prints have been created to bring life to your empty wall spaces. 
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