The shared experience of seeking connection, through the lens of love. We all go through it. The romance, the longing, the heartbreak, the nostalgia and the everything I should have saids.

Finding love is something we all romanticise, people want it so bad they will change who they are to find it. The many late nights spent crying into your pillow, the long chats with your friends and the heart racing "What shall I reply?" Love can be elusive and catch you off guard, it can linger or disappear over time. Love makes the rules.  I've always romanticised life. I've always found beauty even in the darkness, a poetic edge to every sword. I have rose-tinted glasses on and I'm never taking them off.

This series is documentary-style, polaroid-inspired paintings which make up a greater story when put together. The concept is letting a memory transport you to a different place and time, the paintings will act as portals into the story.