On Friday 12th and Saturday 13th of November, I hosted my first exhibition from my art studio. Featuring the 'Grow or Die' series, this event was a showcase of my growth as an artist. The series started with my first abstract pieces such as 'Innocence Lost' and 'Euphoria', all the way to my final piece of the series which was 'Synchronicity'. The layout of the rooms told the story of my journey, being able to physically see my thought process within each painting in the series.

'Grow or Die' was born from a sense of not being sure what direction to go in and I believed that at that point of my career I needed to either grow as an artist or get a full time job when I graduated university. I was determined not to let my passion die, delving into the world of abstract head first. I began to paint with colour, experimenting with shape and layers, that is when 'Euphoria' was created. The first abstract canvas which gave me hope that I could really be a successful artist. The series ends with 'Synchronicity' a sign of rebirth, new beginnings and fulfilling potential. The end of my first series but the beginning of my new chapter as an established artist.

My first show was an event I'll never forget, with true gratitude for everyone who supports me throughout my growth as an artist. For those who couldn't make it, here is a brief recap...