The Rose Tinted Glasses Collection

The Rose Tinted Glasses series was initially inspired by the nostalgia of polaroid pictures and the sentiment they hold. The main theme of this art collection is the shared experience of seeking connection. The romance, the longing, the heartbreak, the nostalgia and the everything I should have saids. The many late nights spent crying into your pillow, the long chats with your friends and the heart racing "What shall I reply?" Love can be elusive and catch you off guard, it can linger or disappear over time. Love makes the rules. 

As an artist, I've always romanticised life. I've always found beauty even in the darkness, a poetic edge to every sword. I have rose-tinted glasses on and I'm never taking them off.

This series is documentary-style, polaroid-inspired paintings which make up a greater story when put together. The concept is letting a memory transport you to a different place and time, the paintings will act as portals into the story.


The Story

CHAPTER ONE: Innocence of The Heart & Lavender

"July 6th, the smell of lavender and the heat of summer. I lie down on the grass staring up at the ever-changing clouds above, seeing what shapes I can make out. Time passes but I seize to notice that it exists, all I can hear is the soft chirping of the birds coming and going from my consciousness. My thoughts wander to the universe, to the probabilities of human life, to the unique nature of this very moment being so perfect. What are the chances that you and I both exist in this lifetime, are we destined to be together?"


CHAPTER TWO: Head in The Clouds & The Crush

"August 19th, I passed him in the street today. It feels strange to see him in reality when I think about him every night, I make up conversations we would have and what songs we would listen to. I wonder if his heart was beating as hard as mine when he saw me from across the road. Maybe he will be at that party next week, maybe he will think I look pretty."


CHAPTER THREE: The Search & Ache For Love

"September 17th, I just pressed play on Somebody Else by The 1975 ready to have it on repeat until I fall asleep. I saw him at the party but he didn't speak to me. I let my mind wander to the thoughts of what it's like to be kissed. I wonder what it's like to get a goodnight text, I can't even imagine someone saying 'I love you". Maybe I'm too young or maybe I'll never get to know love. I let the salty tears roll down to my pillow, the case is already stained with mascara from last night. My heart, it aches for a love that I've imagined."