Our People, Our Art.

Our People, Our Art.

If you're reading this, you're probably an individual driven by exploration, expression and authenticity. We are a growing community based around living minimally, yet also living a life filled with passion and meaning.

Minimalism is at the heart of my design ethos and I believe that less is more. Less leaves more to the imagination, allowing the mind to wander and explore. Each painting is bursting with opportunity and excitement, meaning something completely individual to each person that observes the way the paint falls or splatters. 

As a lot of people are, I am a sensitive soul. I feel deeply and intensely. Capturing these emotions within my art allows me to delve into the depths of who I am and who I aspire to be. The way the paint is presented, the colour, the lack of colour, the chaos, the order, the intricacy and the messiness, are all representations of how I process emotions or how I capture a passing feeling. The most interesting part about sharing this art publicly is the variation of perception. I could have created an artwork from a place of sheer despair, and yet that painting could bring someone else endless joy. Strange.

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    Thank you for sharing so beautifully 🤍

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