White butterflies, they're everywhere.

Over the last couple of months I've been seeing these delicate little creatures wherever I go, to a point where I believed they must be telling me something. If I was walking to the shop or if I was just standing at my window, there it would be, fluttering unaware of my awe. So obviously, as any sane person would, I googled what it meant.

"A white butterfly is a clear sign that you are becoming aware of yourself and it symbolises your mental growth."

It made sense to me that these butterflies were making me aware of my own awareness. I was noticing nature, I was present in the moment, I was growing. As an artist, my first thought was to make this experience into art as a symbol of transformation, but the thought terrified me. I wanted the artwork to be special. So, I avoided painting at all costs, literally doing anything but painting to a point in which it was painful. I had major resistance.

One morning, I was on the verge of a breakdown, riddled with self-doubt. Questions were running around my head like "Am I good enough to be an artist? Who am I kidding?" Yet I knew the only thing that would make me feel better was to paint. Later that day, I created the 'Synchronicity' painting. For me, it is my best and most meaningful painting to date. Looking upon my finished masterpiece, I just cried. The sense of relief and catharsis was overwhelming. It made all my feelings of doubt wash away, it was one of the most emotional days of my life.

I had plans on that afternoon to go and help my best friend pack to move into her new apartment, so as I arrived we were chatting. Before I could tell her about my new butterfly painting, she wanted to show me some new clothes she'd recently picked up. I nearly screamed when she pulled her new pajamas out of the bag, they were covered in white butterflies! These signs from the universe were blowing my mind. Synchronicity.

Love always,





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